Company history

The company started as a business project of the associates who took advantage their expertise and contacts and built on long year experience and successful activity in the area of the sales of sanitary equipment, chemistry, packaging and industrial cloth systems. For this purpose the associates created the company SENEKA Ústí spol. s r.o. in 1997.

From the beginning until the year 2002 the company carried business in leased storage grounds and offices in the buildings of Textilana a.s. in Ústí n. L. in Textilní Street No. 2. Here the company purchased and sold goods under its own name and also began to provide services and consultations in the area of cleaning and plant sanitation. Also, the company´s staff was extended to include store keeping and administrative personnel, in addition to external commercial representatives.

In 2002 the company purchased the storage area in Tovarní Street 3402/39A in Ústí nad Labem. The goal of the investment was the create the company´s own reliable logistic background for the sales of products and for providing services in an extended scope as well as for providing logistic services for other organizations (leasing of storage area, storing services according to the § 527 of the Commercial Code, consignment store and commission sale).

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